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  • Half Moon Bay Engagement: Brig & Lissett

    Brig is a Guy with a capital G. He rock-climbs. He hikes up mountains in 110-degree weather on his lunch break. He goes a little crazy during March Madness. He plays in a mens basketball league. He works hard and plays hard. Lissett is a girly-girl. She wears pretty dresses. She loves expensive handbags, especially […]

  • Ten Favorite Photos From 2010

    As a way to wrap up the year, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from 2010. Some of these will seem familiar (yes, more pictures of golden retrievers), and some not so much (wedding photos? Huh?). This is Jasper, our golden retriever, running like a moron through a field of foxtails. […]