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  • Wedding Pictures in Foresthill, CA: Jackie and Mike

    Couples don’t come much nicer than Jackie and Mike. They seem to click when they’re together, intuitively knowing what the other person wants or needs. They “get” each other — you can see that they belong together. We were privileged to photograph this amazing couple’s wedding at the Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA, and the […]

  • Wedding Photos in Walnut Creek, CA: Celine & Willy

    Celine and Willy are not only an incredibly sweet couple, but amazingly relaxed and poised in the face of chaos. All weddings are, by nature, demonstrations in controlled chaos, but nothing seemed to rattle or stress these two (such as the bitter wind that kicked up during the rehearsal, or the dress arriving two hours late). […]

  • Placerville Wedding: Alicia & Todd

    One of the first things you notice about Alicia and Todd is that they’re always laughing together. Grins, giggles, guffaws, and all-out head-thrown-back from-the-belly laughs – they rarely quit laughing. Even as things ran late; even as the temps neared 100; even as their guests scattered hither and yon while trying to herd them together […]

  • Placerville Wedding: Karen & Michael

    Karen and Michael like Hawaii. Like really like Hawaii. They go whenever they can (and who can blame them?). But when it came time to planning their wedding they really had to keep it close to home so friends and family could still come. So they did the next best thing: they had a Hawaiian-themed […]

  • Mount Shasta Wedding: Erica & Jeremy

    Erica and Jeremy’s wedding, a beautiful outdoor ceremony in lovely Mount Shasta, California, was extra special for us. Not only have we known Jeremy’s family for a long time, his mom Michelle was actually the one who introduced me to my wife Carol. (To you, Michelle, we are eternally grateful.) Over the years, we have […]

  • Glen Ellen Wedding: Elizabeth & Ron

    It’s all Elizabeth’s fault. She’s the friend who wouldn’t let me say “no” when she asked if I would be her wedding photographer. No amount of protest, squirming, or excuses would keep her at bay, and I finally said okay. She was under strict warning that it would be my first wedding, and to not […]