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  • Ten Favorite Photos From 2010

    As a way to wrap up the year, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from 2010. Some of these will seem familiar (yes, more pictures of golden retrievers), and some not so much (wedding photos? Huh?). This is Jasper, our golden retriever, running like a moron through a field of foxtails. […]

  • Featured Photo: Eno River in Autumn

    Photos of fall color usually focus on leaves, for obvious reasons. In this photo, however, I wanted to instead focus on the patterns made by the leaves as they floated downriver, leaving the fall color, per se, as a supporting element.

  • Featured Photo: Fall Leaf

    October has arrived, and the fall leaves are starting to turn color here in California. (Yes, we have fall color in California.) I found the first sign of fall recently while walking through the redwoods in Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, near Half Moon Bay, CA. It was just a single leaf of a […]

  • New Pictures of Colorado

    I’ve added 130 photos of Colorado to the website, although the photos aren’t new, strictly speaking: these pictures of Colorado were on my old website, but most have been re-scanned and touched up to get them looking even better.

  • Fall Colors in Oak Creek Canyon, Arizona

    Yes, Arizona does have seasons, and yes, even fall color. Oak Creek Canyon, near Sedona, is a stunning place to begin with, but offers even more opportunities in the fall.

  • Fall Colors in the Sierra Nevada

    Ah, another quiet weekend of fall colors in California’s Eastern Sierra Nevada. I photographed this line of traffic a couple years ago near Sorenson’s Resort, a popular spot for finding autumn colors near Hope Valley, about 45 min. southeast of South Lake Tahoe. Sometimes the most challenging part of photographing autumn color is finding a safe place to park.

  • Autumn Vineyard, California

    Wine grape leaf in the fall, Sonoma County, California Autumn is coming, and often overlooked locations for great fall color are vineyards, especially in the California wine country. This photo of an autumn wine vineyard is from Sonoma County, California. (Please note that vineyards are private property. If you don’t have permission from the vineyard […]