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  • Video: Discovering Costa Rica

    Three friends travel to Costa Rica, and discover more than just a buggy jungle. My wife Carol and our dear friend Dakota traveled to Costa Rica in search of lush jungles, outlandish wildlife, and adventure. This is a video postcard from our journey. More on Costa Rica Read more about our travels in Costa Rica and the photographic (and personal) […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Boca Tapada

    Part 4 of a 4-part travelogue from Costa Rica The problem wasn’t so much that Dakota had capsized his kayak in a river filled with 10’ crocodiles, or even that he was now soaking wet with hours yet to paddle; it was that he had lost his binoculars. A 30-second vignette of Boca Tapada, Costa […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Arenal

    Part 3 of a 4-part travelogue from Costa Rica “Five hanging bridges . . . 2.25 miles of gorgeous trails . . . cloudy and calm . . . 1:00pm . . . yeah, we were going to run out of time.” — from Carol’s journal. A 34-second vignette of Arenal, Costa Rica The map […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Monteverde

    Part 2 of a 4-part travelogue from Costa Rica The first thing we noticed was the wind. A cold, howling, grab-a-fencepost-so-you-don’t-fall-over kind of wind. My first photography hero, Galen Rowell, wrote in his book Mountain Light: “A flower photographer’s hell is a place of tremendous beauty . . . in continuously perfect light where a […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Playa Grande

    “Oh, Sweetie, why don’t you just sleep in for once?” “I can’t. We’re only here for a couple days before we move on, and I’ve got to photograph as much as I can – who knows if and when we’ll ever make it back here?” “But you’re going to burn yourself out.” “No, there’s too […]