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  • Photographing Costa Rica: Boca Tapada

    Part 4 of a 4-part travelogue from Costa Rica The problem wasn’t so much that Dakota had capsized his kayak in a river filled with 10’ crocodiles, or even that he was now soaking wet with hours yet to paddle; it was that he had lost his binoculars. A 30-second vignette of Boca Tapada, Costa […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Arenal

    Part 3 of a 4-part travelogue from Costa Rica “Five hanging bridges . . . 2.25 miles of gorgeous trails . . . cloudy and calm . . . 1:00pm . . . yeah, we were going to run out of time.” — from Carol’s journal. A 34-second vignette of Arenal, Costa Rica The map […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Monteverde

    Part 2 of a 4-part travelogue from Costa Rica The first thing we noticed was the wind. A cold, howling, grab-a-fencepost-so-you-don’t-fall-over kind of wind. My first photography hero, Galen Rowell, wrote in his book Mountain Light: “A flower photographer’s hell is a place of tremendous beauty . . . in continuously perfect light where a […]

  • Photographing Costa Rica: Playa Grande

    “Oh, Sweetie, why don’t you just sleep in for once?” “I can’t. We’re only here for a couple days before we move on, and I’ve got to photograph as much as I can – who knows if and when we’ll ever make it back here?” “But you’re going to burn yourself out.” “No, there’s too […]

  • Pinup-style Photo Shoot: Sydnie and a ’46 Dodge

    A few of my favorites from a pinup-style photo shoot with Sydnie. She had her dress made, and brought her husband’s 1946 Dodge to the Bayley House Barn in Pilot Hill, California.    

  • Video: Backpacking From a Dog’s Point-of-View

    So there we were, slowly making our way up the switchbacks towards the ridge overlooking Silver Lake in the Sierra Nevada. All in a line: human, dog, dog, human. Tramp, tramp, tramp. Little puffs of dust with each step. Gee, I thought, the poor dogs are right there at foot-level, eating all the dust. I […]

  • Wedding Pictures in Foresthill, CA: Jackie and Mike

    Couples don’t come much nicer than Jackie and Mike. They seem to click when they’re together, intuitively knowing what the other person wants or needs. They “get” each other — you can see that they belong together. We were privileged to photograph this amazing couple’s wedding at the Forest House Lodge in Foresthill, CA, and the […]

  • Nikon D7000 High ISO Comparison

    My friend Alex was asking me the other day about how well the Nikon D7000 performed in low light when recording video. But rather than try to describe the noise levels at high ISOs, I decided to put together a short video that showed the differences. This post is a bit of a departure from my […]

  • Video: Camping in the Sierra Nevada with Jasper

    My latest video project is a quick montage of video clips and photos I shot while on a camping trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains with my good buddy Dakota and dog Jasper. As is often the case in the Sierra Nevada in late summer, we were hammered by a series of thunderstorms that kept us reading in our tents and playing chess in the truck. While I only had one clear sunset over the course of a few days, there was usually some time during the day we could get out and about, and we tried to make the most of it.

  • Photo Tip: Photograph Storm Light for Dramatic Photos

    While it’s easy to think about putting your camera away when a storm rolls in, that’s often the best time to capture dramatic light, and potentially make dramatic photos.