It’s springtime here in “sunny” California, and our highs should be averaging ~80° F, with clear blue skies. The last couple days? Cold and rainy. Highs near 50°. Snow at the higher elevations. Unbelievable.

So what do you do when thunder’s booming and rain is pouring down and all your photo shoots are cancelled for the day? I figured I would try my hand at making baguettes.

First Rise

After the first rise, I had to shape them into little mini baguettes. This turns out to be a lot harder than you would think — the dough is very sticky. There was flour everywhere.

Second Rise

After the second rise I scored them and threw them in the oven. 11 minutes later: Ta da!

Scored and ready for baking Fresh from the oven

Fresh from the oven

And I’ll be damned if it didn’t work — it was actually pretty good! And what’s better with fresh-baked bread than hearty soup? Carol chipped in and made a barley, bean, and vegetable soup. The perfect way to end a rainy winter spring day.

Fresh bread and hearty vegetable soup




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