Sydnie’s great for always wanting to try something new with each photo shoot we do. So I was only moderately surprised when she said she wanted to do some of her maternity photos under water.

Well, I have an underwater camera case, so why not? Turns out it’s a lot harder than we expected — mostly because we just kept floating to the surface (I’ll bring a weight belt next time). And letting out your breath before going under (not taking a deep breath) makes for better photos by reducing the “chipmunk cheek” look. We shot a lot of photos, and had a lot of fun. There’s still a lot to learn about shooting underwater, but I look forward to the challenge. Or any other ideas Sydnie might have to try something new.

Although I may have to draw the line if her next email mentions a parachute.

Underwater maternity photo

Underwater maternity photo

Underwater maternity photo

Swimming pool maternity photo


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