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  • Pinup-style Photo Shoot: Sydnie and a ’46 Dodge

    A few of my favorites from a pinup-style photo shoot with Sydnie. She had her dress made, and brought her husband’s 1946 Dodge to the Bayley House Barn in Pilot Hill, California.    

  • Lifestyle Photos in Cool, CA: Raychel

    I had Raychel lean against the open barn door, with beautiful late afternoon light streaming in from the left. Snap, snap, snap. Then showed her the back of the camera. “Oooo . . . I like your camera.” “Yeah. It’s not the camera, honey – it’s you.”   Raychel is one of those really sweet, […]

  • Cameron Park Portraits: Myra & Aaron

    When I first posted engagement photos like Megean & Cameron’s, my sister Myra emailed me and said she wanted some, too, even though she’s long been married to her husband Aaron. She said she didn’t have any nice pictures of just the two of them. The only problem was that they didn’t think of themselves […]