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  • 3 Critical Tips for Storing Photos

    So you have a lot of photos. And that’s not surprising, given all the cameras, phones, and even sunglasses that take pictures these days. These photos – whether professional images or phone snapshots – are important to us. But just because you’ve downloaded them to your computer doesn’t mean they’re safe. 1. Have multiple copies […]

  • Practicing Candid Photos of Kids

    The great thing about having nephews who are shy around you is you get to practice your candid photography skills: Pull out the camera, and they deliberately avoid all eye contact. Believe me, these kids are not shrinking violets, but it seems to take a couple days around me before they start warming up. (Around […]

  • Baking Bread on a Rainy Day

    It’s springtime here in “sunny” California, and our highs should be averaging ~80° F, with clear blue skies. The last couple days? Cold and rainy. Highs near 50°. Snow at the higher elevations. Unbelievable. So what do you do when thunder’s booming and rain is pouring down and all your photo shoots are cancelled for […]